We are a registered charity, formed by a group of scientists and mathematicians who wish to improve understanding of science, mathematics and technology. We feel that supporting and encouraging these disciplines is the base from which future engineers and scientists will emerge with the necessary skills to meet the challenges facing our world.


Registered charity  1172511


Dr. J. Walton (Teignmouth Science and Technology Centre Ltd.)

Dr. Walton has worked in academic and research facilities for over 30 years. His initial work began at the Synchrotron Radiation Source in Daresbury, UK where he supported research in surface analysis beam lines. He worked at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) (which merged with the University of Manchester) where he was responsible for the development of expertise for the nanoscale characterisation of surfaces, including all aspects of the provision and development of an XPS service, and training in atomic force microscopy including electric force, magnetic force, peak force nanomechanical and peak force TUNA microscopy.

Dr. Walton provided the implementation of a traceable and transferable quantification procedure for a Kratos Axis Ultra XPS instrument. He developed procedures for quantitative chemical state imaging from spectroscopic imaging XPS data sets using multivariate analytical techniques. Calibration of SKPFM with SKP in controlled environments for the measurement of localised corrosion potentials.


Dr. N. Fairley (Casa Software Ltd.)

Dr. Fairley has worked in academic and commercial environments for over 30 years. His first academic publications were in computational physics and quantum mechanics which provided a natural path to the application of computers to data analysis and software tools for research. Most of his career has been spent in industrial environments initially in computer aided design and subsequently in computer systems for mass spectrometry and surface sensitive electron spectroscopy. In 1999, Dr. Fairley released the first version of the commercial software CasaXPS and as a consequence has had the privilege to support academic research and commercial applications of data analysis for XPS, AES, SIMS, Dynamic SIMS, ToF-MS and other scientific software solutions.


Dr. Patrick Fischer

Dr Fischer worked in the robotics, nuclear and underwater technology sectors for twenty years and during this time he gained a PhD in Robotics from Oxford University. While working for the UK Atomic Energy Authority he developed a novel high sensitivity force reflecting input device based on a Stewart Platform parallel mechanism.

Dr Fischer spent several years combining his interest in high technology and the sea culminating in managing a high tech project for the Oxford Maritime Trust to recover a priceless life sized 2000-year-old bronze statue sunk off the Croatian coast (the so-called Athlete of Croatia   or Croatian Apoxyomenos) . This project was undertaken in collaboration with the Croatian authorities and the statue has since been on display at the Louvre and the British Museum.

He is currently working on the “Internet of Things”